Fringe Dance Festival

Fringe Dance Festival

The Dance Eclectic has coordinated a two-day dance festival on June 25 & 26, 2022 to showcase a wealth of talent in both choreography and dancing from the members of The Dance Eclectic and dancers from the borderland. They have brought pieces from past shows dating back to 2016 as well as a preview of their upcoming Spring 2023 show in which they revisit the story of Alice in Wonderland but with a twist.

<–Saturday June 25th 8 pm & Sunday, June 26th, 2:30pm

Featured Performers


The members of Odd Lab EntertainmentOdd Lab Entertainment

FireFox Productions
Firefox: Georgina Armendariz
Georgina works as a professional fire and variety artist at Odd-Lab under the pseudonym FireFox. She co-founded Odd-Lab – A fire arts, glow and variety circus troupe, and teaches her craft as an instructor in flow arts and choreography classes. Lexi and Isabelle are a couple of amazing students that have graced Odd-Lab Entertainment and FireFox Productions with their talents as special guest artists
Alexandra “Lexi” Goodtracks is a professional dancer, model and performer. She has trained since age 4 and has a strong passion for dance and modeling and enjoys the excitement and happiness she brings to her audience. She specializes in Contortion Dance and Ballet. She also trains in and loves every dance genre and has even performed multiple times with the Moscow Ballet. She is currently studying multiple dance genres at Michael’s Dance Academy and Master classes with Dark Circles Contemporary Dance Company. She has experienced so much growth, freedom and joy in her performing by being a part of Odd Lab Entertainment.
Isabella “Mimi Goodtracks is a professional dancer, model and performer. She enjoys the spotlight, being on stage, motivating, and exciting others through performing which brings her happiness. She started modeling professionally at a youmg age and is a lover of the fine arts. She studies fashion and absolutely loves to incorporate that into her performances. She loves creative freedome and artistic expression that comes with being a performer with Odd-Lab Entertainment.


The members of The Dance EclecticThe Dance Eclectic

The Dance Eclectic is a Las Cruces-based, non-profit, community dance collective dedicated to creating performance and choreography opportunities for community members who might not otherwise get to perform and choreograph. Members’ dance backgrounds vary from dancers with 6 months of dance experience, or members with experience in cheer, to life-long dancers with college degrees in the art form.
The Dance Eclectic’s members create and perform original choreography, and work collaboratively to showcase their work in two professional quality shows each year—Fringe Dance Festival, which is our repertoire, and an original show centered on telling a narrative through dance—as well as a number of community events (view our upcoming events).
Established in 2016, The Dance Eclectic has expanded both in size and programming, but has stayed true to the original vision set forth at its founding, seeking to recruit dancers who might not otherwise have many opportunities to perform: teens and adults just starting out (through The Dance Eclectic Studio), full-time workers, and other dancers facing circumstances that might make it difficult for them to participate in more traditional dance companies. Also, those who are simply creative and want an outlet to dance and work collaboratively with others with similar passions.

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Kinetic Lens Photography by Morgan Rivera

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