Fringe Dance Festival

What is Fringe Dance Festival?

The Dance Eclectic, in collaboration with Black Box Theatre, has coordinated a two-day dance festival each summer to showcase the wealth of dance talent that Southern New Mexico and West Texas has to offer.

<–Saturday, June 22nd, 8:00pm & Sunday, June 23rd, 2:30pm
The Black Box Theatre
430 N Main St, Las Cruces, NM


Featured Performers


HD2 Hip Hop StudioHD2 Hip Hop Studio

HD2 Hip Hop Studiois a performing and competitive hip hop dance studio located in Las Cruces, New Mexico. HD2 stands for High Definition Dance. We offer both competitive and performing instruction and teams ranging from ages 3 to 30. These teams are divided into divisions based on age including the Tiny Division (ages 3-4), Mini Division (ages 5-8), Youth Division (ages 9-12), Junior Division (ages 13-15), Senior Division (ages 16-18), and Open Division (ages 18 & up). These teams are co-ed, open to all boys and girls! HD2 Studio is the ONLY competitive hip hop dance studio located in all of Las Cruces.

Human Nature Contemporary BalletHuman Nature Contemporary Ballet

Human Nature Contemporary Ballet (HNCB) is a local dance company from El Paso, TX, founded by Rafael Chavez and Jose Barraza. HNCB uses dance as a way of self expression with Ballet forming the foundation for our movement. We push to show the humanity behind the art and remove the mystique placed on dance. Our goal is for our audience to see the dancers as people, not as the ethereal beings often portrayed in classical ballet. Dance is something that transcends language and connects us not only as people but as humans.

Kúos Dance CompanyKúos Dance Company

Kúos Dance Company is a Modern / Contemporary Dance Company from Juarez, Mexico that seeks to explore and expand the culture of dance thru the very essence of dance. The goal of our company is to express and leave a mark in the community.

Tumbleweed CollectiveTumbleweed Collective

Tumbleweed Collective is a collaborative contemporary dance company that seeks to create compelling original works that uplift, challenge, and explore the many facets of the human experience. The company was founded in the Sun City of El Paso in 2016 and has since produced three full-length shows, Boheme Noir(2016) Re: Stories of the Borderland (2017) and Nocturnal (2017). Together they innovate and craft work through a mutual sharing of ideas and movements to generate unique creations. Tumbleweed Collective hopes to keep serving the El Paso/Juárez/Las Cruces region with meaningful dance collections and interactive dance productions that promote awareness of self, others, and our beautiful planet Earth.

The members of Mesilla Valley Dance EclecticThe Dance Eclectic

The Dance Eclectic will be showcasing a number of pieces from their repertoire, as well as debuting new combined choreography by Morgan Rivera and Aaliyah Edgar. They will also be presenting a preview of their upcoming February 2020 show.


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