About The Dance Eclectic Studio

The Dance Eclectic Studio

Who We Are

The Dance Eclectic Studio serves to further The Dance Eclectic’s mission of making dance accessible to all people. The focus is on newcomers to dance from ages 13 and up. Members will take technique class on Tuesdays. During this time members will also learn performance choreography and tools to create their own compositions. This company will participate in The Dance Ecletic’s summer show Fringe Dance Festival. There will be other opportunities throughout the year for other performances. The Dance Eclectic Studio will operate under The Dance Eclectic, however, members will be given the ability to plan original choreography with guidance, create small shows to be performed in the studio space that is rented.

Our Members

Julia GardenhireJulia Gardenhire

Member since 2020

Julia Gardenhire is a new member of the company, but is very enthusiastic about dance. The Ring Leader is
her first big performance, and she’s very excited to show you what she’s learned from The Dance
Eclectic’s classes. Julia loves reptiles, so she jumped at the chance to choreograph a snake-themed
dance with Morgan Rivera. She took inspiration from her pet Snake, Silver, for the dance. She would also like to thank her pet lizard, Bowser, for being her harshest critic, since he doesn’t like any form of dancing. Julia likes to spend time with her family, and loves to share her passions, such as dancing, video
games, history, and fashion with them. She would also like to thank her church, First Evangelical Free
Church, for being so supportive, and wants to thank God for the opportunities He’s given her.