Dottie! is set in 1920’s Hollywood and loosely based on the classic story of The Wizard of Oz. Follow the adventures of Dottie Gable, who left home to move to Hollywood to become a famous actress. Along the way, she has to maneuver auditions and challenges on her journey to become famous. Original choreography by the members of The Dance Collective tell a story through genres of dance ranging from classical ballet to jazz to modern dance.


The Characters

Dottie GableDottie Gable

Dottie just got off the train from Elmdale, Kansas. She’s on the search for O.Z. Studios but don’t let her wide eyes and Midwest manners fool you. She may be new in town but she’s got high hopes and big dreams.

Stella de NoireStella de Noire

Hollywood’s IT Girl. Stella has graced the screen in over 40 films including: Manhattan Cocktail, The Scarlet Saint, and The Masked Angel. Motion Picture Magazine rumored that she was born in Pawtucket, Missouri as Gertrude Pinkerton. Stella refuses to comment.

Gladys WhiteGladys White

America’s original sweetheart who has taken a step back from the silver screen because of her delicate condition. Delicate condition in the 1920’s meant expecting a child. Hailing from White Oaks, New Mexico, Gladys loves to find young and struggling actresses like herself to mentor.

Otis ZiegfieldOtis Ziegfield

The mysterious head of O.Z Studios. He is rumored to have revolutionized the film industry. They say he discovered Charlie Chaplin and inspired Jolson to put speaking in movies. No one has seen him for years but if you’ve seen a movie it came from him and O.Z. Studios.

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