La Saison de la Faerie

May 18, 2024 7pm

May 19, 2024 2:30pm

Black Box Theatre

La Saison de la Faerie is a new type of show for us. The choreography in this show is based on a theme and the seasons. The collective decided that we needed to do something new again this year. In the 7 years that we have been putting on shows, we have never done a themed show. All of them members agreed that faeries would be a fun theme. We think about faeries in the mythological sense. These types of faeries have roots in Greek, Persian, Brythonic, Gaelic, and German peoples. They first started their appearance in folk tales in the Middle Ages. These faeries can take many shapes and forms. They also have a host of magical powers that are wide ranging.

This theme allows the members of the collective freedom in choreography and music. We decided that we needed a structure to this show, however, for continuity. A couple members of the collective have ready faerie fantasy books and proposed that the choreography be set in specific seasons. The collective liked the idea. We also decided that each season would have a group piece, a duet, and a solo. The members chose what they would like to choreography and set to work.

We are excited to present this show. We also have guests joining us for the show. The Dance Eclectic Studio will be joining us. Lexi and Mim of OddLab Entertainment will also be joining us for this show. We are so excited to have these talented ladies on stage with us.

A Special Thank You to Our Show Sponsors

Kinetic Lens Photography by Morgan Rivera