Las Cruces Renaissance ArtsFaire Recap

Mesilla Valley Dance Eclectic is performing at the Las Cruces Renaissance ArtsFaire

We have been performing at the Las Cruces Renaissance ArtsFaire since 2016. We are so thankful to be part of the Crimson Bear Court. Renaissance ArtsFaire The Dance Eclectic entertains the Crimson Bear Court with ballet, modern, and contemporary dance, as well as a dance fight piece created specifically for the event!


Our Renaissance-Inspired Dance Costumes

Mesilla Valley Dance Eclectic shall don special costumes at the Las Cruces Renaissance ArtsFaire. The dance costumes were designed and constructed by Andrea Severson, a member of Mesilla Valley Dance Eclectic with an MA in history from NMSU, and an avid seamstress. She is currently writing her dissertation on gender and material culture, specifically regarding clothing as a component.

The costumes are inspired by Tudor fashion that was popular around the time of Henry VIII. The style is a combination of French and Spanish fashions popularized by Katherine of Aragon and Anne Boleyn. The knee-length skirts and short sleeves featured on the costumes are anachronisms for the sake of movement, making them more functional for dancing in.

Please enjoy the photos of our past performances.  Click here to see some action photos that were featured in the Las Cruces Sun News.